Friday, September 27, 2013

Interesting error while playing The Sims 3

Ryukimura sense somethings wrong with kitty... interesting

Whoa! It turned out like this!

Shiba: Hey you two, please open the door... 
(There's an error with that house, all sims inside there couldn't open the door.)

Ajime: Help!! I'm trap under water...!!

Shiba: Look! I see a SHARK!!
An Hui swims closer to Shiba with no comment
Mitsubishi sits calmly on the boat: Yeah...It's a big one.

Cursed Ryukimura: Since when you could stand on that broom?
An Hui mumbling: Dang it! Why do I have to wear this ugly clothes on my first day working as an entertainer?!

Cursed Ryukimura: You don't have to work. Just sit in front of Laptop and watch your blue chips, An hui. Stop fooling around.
An Hui look at Ryukimura: Pardon me, who are you?
Ryukimura shocks: You don't recognize me?

An odd-looking merman standing next to me.
Shiba: An Hui look!! I see a standing merman!!
An Hui: You mean this girl?

Ajime swims on a wrong place...

Can a Grim reaper die? Maybe yes?

Filbert gets drunk and stumble  He's really in a hard time. He seems error, because he didn't drink anything that makes him drunk.

Can you see what's make Mitsubishi hold his laugh?
There's something wrong with the fish.

Mitsubishi: Who the hell are you?! Where's Shiba?!
Someone who suppose to be me: Well...I don't know what happen...
Mitsubishi: Enough lying! Where is SHE??!
(I laugh out loud seeing my sims turned out into a creepy alien. I restart the game and things are back to normal.)

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