Saturday, December 12, 2015

Get Together Expansion: Mods Re-enable Guide

Getting Get Together expansion make our mods from the last game update disabled, but don’t worry they also tell you how to re-enabled it
Setting these options BEFORE you enter the in-game or viewing the maps, or before you click the Play button, or the Main Menu
If you proceed and setting the options in-game, then the mods especially on the Sims will be removed and you have to put it every one of them (mods) on your Sims which is tiring, depressing, and slowing you down to test the new expansion

The example image of setting the options that I post it here are WRONG (see the background image of the Menu), because I setting the options in-game. So don't do the setting like I do (because I already setting it before), you have to setting the options before in-game just like the top image's, yes the Main Menu

But anyway here, I’ll show you how to re-enabled the mods

1. Open the Menu and click the Game Options button

2. Click the Other button (highlighted button)

3. Check the box named Enable Custom Content and Mods

4. And also check the box named Script Mods Allowed

5. Apply changes

6. And all you're mods are ENABLE now!

Hope this simple guide help you!
If you have some questions just comment below

Get Together photos (part 2)

Get Together photos (part 1)

Friday, December 11, 2015

Get Together Expansion is HERE, Download Now!!

CLICK HERE to check some photos that I've picked and also a little SPOILER; "different looks in game maps", sorry that the photos are lame because I've got a lot of assignments (this is the last month of the year, in our country the final test is "around the corner" so I need to focus & study hard) and Shiba has to do her last assignment for her study in University (wish her luck!)
*click the UPPERCASE words to see the photos and guide*

enough with the chit-chat and go to the download link! (sorry for my english)

Get Together Expansion is here!!
Sorry if it’s not a single part, and yes it’s around 5gb and you have to download it one by one (if there any single part link, I'll post it here so check our blog recently)
please BACKUP your The Sims 4 game folder first before installed the expansion and please see this GUIDE before you play the game

Download link :

*credit to OVAGAMES

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

(Updated and Fixed) Eyes Contact 2 - SHINE

In Game


This updated & fixed version is more stable than the older version
(the older version has some issues while in game)

Also in this version I add more colors!

(created by Ma Chao)

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Celebrating Indonesia Independence Day on 17 August!!

(I'm so damn slow more like TOO LATE posting this post for celebrating the Indonesia Independence Day on 17 August, but anyway.... hope ya' simmers like it!)

2 Red and White colors tanktops
4 colors soldier styled bottoms (boots compatible)
(created by Ma Chao)

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Download :

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Preview for upcoming Sims 4 mods/CC

Finally I made some new mesh (old texture) for The Sims 4, this take a while since i'm not such a good designer and user of 3d stuff.....

but it worth (not that much... actually), well i'm gonna upload it (not with this texture) with new made texture so it's not only black and boring texture from the game itself

Hope you guys like it (when it's ready to download, for now it's just a sample; failed texture sample)!

Not that special and great like the other simmers but since I can make some progress on making this, it's makes me so satisfied a lot

(sorry for not updated the Eyes Contact 2, I'm still testing it with new colors too....)
full screen background image