Saturday, November 22, 2014

Terms of Use~

Terms of Use

Before downloading our stuff, Please read the Terms of Use.
If you download our files, that means you have agreed to the Terms of Use.

We're FINE if you do this :
  • Using our stuff in your screenshots (for your website, Tumblr , your creation’s thumbnail etc…).
  • Giving our credit with a link when using our stuff.
  • Ask our permission when you want to use or download it.
(It's OK if you don't do it too....)

We're NOT fine if you do this :
  • Re-uploading our stuff, and claim it as yours.
  • Uploading our stuff which was modified and reproduced.
  • Using our stuff in pay items. 

Please use our stuff at your own risk.
Thank you for your understanding.

We hope you enjoy our blog.

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