Monday, November 17, 2014

The Sims 4 Resource.cfg

the mods work just fine!

If you want to put a mods, don't forget to download the latest resource.cfg first because the original resource.cfg in the folder mods won't work with the downloadable mods so you have to REPLACE it

Well I forgot where I've found and download the resource.cfg, but I'll upload it on my mediafire
Download here : Resource.cfg

Just like this :
1. find the Electronic Arts folder in the Documents folder after you've found it just hit enter, you'll found The Sims 4 folder

2. Then you'll found the Mods folder, the Mods folder already there so you don't need to download it just like The Sims 3

3. Replace the original Resource.cfg with the latest Resorce.cfg that you already download

4. Yay! you have the latest Resource.cfg, now you can paste all the mods you've download!

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