Saturday, December 12, 2015

Get Together Expansion: Mods Re-enable Guide

Getting Get Together expansion make our mods from the last game update disabled, but don’t worry they also tell you how to re-enabled it
Setting these options BEFORE you enter the in-game or viewing the maps, or before you click the Play button, or the Main Menu
If you proceed and setting the options in-game, then the mods especially on the Sims will be removed and you have to put it every one of them (mods) on your Sims which is tiring, depressing, and slowing you down to test the new expansion

The example image of setting the options that I post it here are WRONG (see the background image of the Menu), because I setting the options in-game. So don't do the setting like I do (because I already setting it before), you have to setting the options before in-game just like the top image's, yes the Main Menu

But anyway here, I’ll show you how to re-enabled the mods

1. Open the Menu and click the Game Options button

2. Click the Other button (highlighted button)

3. Check the box named Enable Custom Content and Mods

4. And also check the box named Script Mods Allowed

5. Apply changes

6. And all you're mods are ENABLE now!

Hope this simple guide help you!
If you have some questions just comment below

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