Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Last Venue on The Sims 3 Download

We're totally sorry for the SUPER delayed upload for this venue on blog, since me (Ma Chao) so busy with my college, my sisters Shiba and Qorry they're also busy with their life.

This is the last venue of The Sims 3, not too shabby for THE LAST!

Now let's check it out and download it already

*All this photo was taken by Shiba*

Here the Last venue :

·        ccmerged in goes to DCBackup

·        badromance_gondolaset in
         badromance_gondolaset.rar goes to Overrides

         dcbackup in badromance_gondolaset.rar goes
         to DCBackup

·        last venue of amore-objects and last
         venue of amore packages file goes to
         Mods --> Packages 

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