Friday, August 19, 2016

The 71th Dirgahayu Indonesia

After very long hiatus, we’re very sorry for the “Next Project” like the older post since me (Ma Chao) not working on it because I have to finished all my assignments from the university. And Shiba as fresh-graduate from her university so now she focus on her future job, so less likely to take care the blog.

We really hope that we can update more mods for TS4 in the future, and we’re truly sorry if we haven’t answered the emails that you guys sent, since our inbox full of spam and other emails too

And like 2015, we’re celebrating our beloved country Indonesia on it's 71th of Independence. Now I made another mod to celebrate it! (The download link on the bottom of images description, like usual)

For the 1st & 2nd image, the tops has many colors but I just upload only 6 type of colors, (you can see from the swatches)

(swatch colors like the model are; 
1st image; red-wht, blck-wht, wht-yllw, blck-grn, 
2nd image ;wht-blck, blck-grey, wht-blue, blck-brwn
credit mesh YOUNZOEY for the great work)

For the 3rd image, the dress has many colors but I just upload only 3 type of colors, (there's also black skirt type)

(swatch colors like the model are the first 3 top row; red-wht, grey-wht, blck-wht. The dress is my original work)

Download :

*mesh included both tops and dresses

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